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Anatolia Travels offer group escorted Brazil tour packages, private Brazil tours and guided small group travel packages. Peru Highlights tour, land group tour package of 8 days with guaranteed departures from Lima and deals starting at US$1360. 16 days Argentina and Chile glaciers tour; discover major highlights with guided group tour. Peru Brazil Andes tour is our new guaranteed group tour of 12 days. Argentina Brazil Dream break tour is an escorted tour of 8 days. For all our tour and travel packages please check our destination pages. Anatolia Travels  offer Peru travel packages, Brazil escorted tours, travel services in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay from Canada, USA and Australia. Travel South America with guided private and group tours. For best travel deals and superb service in private and escorted Peru tours, Brazil group tours, Argentina vacations, Chile group tours, customized Ecuador tours, cultural private Uruguay tours and all Latin America trips, tours from Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Los Angeles & New York and for all your inquires call our Vancouver office Canada / USA toll free 1-888-377 1632 or consult your local travel agency today!


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Brazil Tour Packages

Brazil (Brasil) - with this term one associates endless Amazon jungle, wonderful beaches, Rio de Janeiro, carnival and samba. This is all correct but in reality, Brazil is much more, a huge country of the superlatives. Brazil, a land of immense proportions and contrasts, has a mysterious attraction for many people. With a surface of 8,5 million km˛, Brazil is approximately as big as Europe and covers half of the South American continent. The climate changes from the permanent warm, tropic north over all sub tropic variants to the moderate South. Since the 16th century - when Portuguese have begun to settle in the country - Brazil had always a magic attraction on foreigners. First there was the gold and then rubber and coffee and today it is above all the rhythm and the exotic that attracts tourists. People over there show a lot of happiness, kindness and spontaneity. The biggest country of South America is a mirror of fascinating pictures.


Cultural Tours      

Brazil for you Tour    

11 days

 Rio De Janeiro - Iguassu -Amazon - Salvador Da Bahia

Group  tour, departs  from Rio De Janeiro,  comprehensive, land journey + 3 domestic flights.

tour details

starting at
US$ 2190
Highlights of Brazil Tour 8 days

Rio De Janeiro - Iguassu - Salvador Da Bahia

Group  tour, departs from Rio De Janeiro, land Journey, 2 domestic flights.

tour details

starting at
US$ 1590

Wonders of Peru Brazil Tour


13 days

Lima - Yucay- Cusco - Puno- Lima - Iguassu- Rio De Janeiro

Group  tour, departs from Lima, comprehensive, land Journey, 4 domestic flights.

tour details

starting at
US$ 2890

Brazil Land of

Contrasts Tour  

14 days

Rio De Janeiro - Iguassu - Amazon - Belo Horizonte - Ouro Preto -Salvador Da Bahia

Private  tour, departs from Rio De Janeiro, comprehensive, land journey, 4 domestic flights.

tour details

Private Tour
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Argentina Brazil
Dream Tour

8 days

Buenos Aires- Iguassu- Rio De Janeiro  

Group  tour, starting  from Buenos aires comprehensive, land Journey, 2 domestic flights.

tour details

starting at
US$ 1550

Scenic South America  Chile, Argentina, Brazil    

12 days

Santiago - Mendoza - Buenos Aires- Iguassu- Rio De Janeiro

Small Group  tour, depart from Santiago,  land Journey, 3 domestic flight.

tour details

starting at US$2390